What Makes A Coterie Woman?

A coterie woman is someone who...

Is driven by a mission bigger than herself;

Loves any gathering that includes mimosas and good food;

Feels called to have high caliber women around her;

Wants her life to be a reflection of her highest self;

Is tired of feeling alone in her pursuit of big things;

Doesn't own a TV (because who has time for that?) but can easily stay up 'til 2 in the morning watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Are you a Coterie Woman?

If you’ve been following The AMPLIFY Collective on social media, you know how much that we love our Coterie members.

We host Coterie-only events monthly (there are so many coming up in August!), feature our Coterie members events as as our ambassadors, and shower them with gifts, coaching and events.

So what makes a Coterie Woman and why should YOU join the Coterie?

AMPLIFY was created as a way for women to network and create real relationships and connections in lieu of traditional (+ boring) networking events. In this day and age of social media where so much of our lives take place behind computer screens, it is so important to leave “lonely-island: population of 1” and continue to create and foster real relationship outside of the internet, just ask Coterie member Michelle Lewis

Furthermore, did you know that the secret to building an empire is having a team of supportive women who offer unshakeable strength?

If you’re ready to shift your dreams into a higher gear, then you’re definitely in the right place.

We love to describe our amazing Coterie members as a sisterhood of ambitious, brilliant women who are not afraid to pursue their dreams.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a part of the corporate life, if you’re ambitious, lighthearted and wanting to live your most amplified life, the Coterie is perfect for you. If you know that you deserve something better in your life, and you've had a call to action, the Coterie can provide the support that you need to make the impact that you want and actually follow through with it.

This community of women is one that will push you to actually commit to your dreams and FOLLOW THROUGH. There's a reason why we have so many successful, brilliant women in the Coterie, and it's because it's a supporting loving community of women who know what they want and are willing to work to get it done. 

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Los Angeles can be a daunting place, especially for newbies and even for experienced Angelenos. With this amazing group of women, you will never have to worry about having or empty social calendar or having to go to an event alone ever again. While it may feel like fun and games and a break from work, you’re actually expanding your network and cultivating a business community, basically what networking events SHOULD be.

If you’re already part of the AMPLIFY community, you may be wondering what the Coterie can offer you that you’re already getting without a membership.

Every one of our events sells out. EVERY SINGLE one. As a Coterie member, you get priority guest list access AND reduced ticket price to events. In addition to that, there are exclusive members only events, monthly Q & A calls, discounted coaching with our amazing co-founders Thais and Bri, lifetime access to a supportive community AND surprise goodies.

Oh, and you meet an amazing community of women and have a social calendar that is full of fun events. If this still hasn’t convinced you to join, there’s one last thing that might. Right now, our Coterie membership price is $150 per year, equating to a glass wine per month or half of a movie ticket, basically meaning that our membership is a STEAL considering all of the perks that you get. Starting August 1st, we’re raising our membership price to $250 per year, so still very affordable (and we’re adding monthly payments!), but if you want to join the Coterie at this amazing price, you have to act NOW!

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We can't wait to celebrate with you and welcome you into this exciting + powerful community. XO,