Why Sisterhood is SO Important

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There’s a reason why sororities and all-female organizations are so popular. It’s because sisterhood is not just a regular group of friends. Sisterhood is a group of intention setting individuals who come together with the sole purpose of celebrating each other and honoring each other’s gifts.

There is a deep fundamental truth to why we need sisterhood, especially as thought leaders and creativepreneurs. The idea is this: we are the company we keep.

Studies have shown that people with a  close friend or relative who drink heavily are 50% likelier to be heavy drinkers themselves. This is also true for body weight and our income.

So if you want to flourish in your business and fully express your purpose, you need to make a conscious choice to be in sisterhood with similar manifestation goddesses. It’s science.

Just notice how you feel after you hang out with a friend who is extremely negative. You probably joined in on the negativity and most likely you leave feeling a little more upset at the world. Compare that to someone who is happy and vivacious. You probably end up feeling happier. It’s the way we operate as humans. There is an energetic exchange every time we encounter a person. And this energy really determines how you show up in your life.

That is why sisterhood, a community of like-minded purposeful women, is so important. Whether you connect with this sisterhood in your yoga class or virtually, the energy created by women celebrating women is contagious.

Women flourish in an environment of celebration. So we encourage you to create sisterhood in your own community.

AMPLIFY is a great way to build your sisterhood, but we’re going to give you some ideas on how to build your own community as well.

Celebrate your friend’s accomplishments in a big way

At AMPLIFY, one of our mantras is collaboration over competition. Celebrate your friend’s accomplishments even if you aren’t achieving yours yet, because when that time comes your friend will want to celebrate you and your accomplishments as well.

Rather than wasting time being jealous over what’s going on in your friend’s lives on FB, take that time to leave a lovely, nice message on their wall

Where does jealousy get you? Nowhere. It makes you feel negative and unhappy, and it’s so much easier to turn that energy into positivity. You will feel better AND your friend will love hearing from you!

Gather friends for a moon gathering.

Or simply create a ritualistic gathering. Bring the wine and have a party. Talk about dreams and ambitions and the abundance that is life. Focus on what is working and get support for what is not.

 Bottom line: Do what makes you happy! Whether it’s getting ready to go out all together, or snuggling up with wine and PJ’s to watch a movie, spend quality time with your sisters. You’ll make amazing memories and bond even more, creating an even stronger sisterhood than before.

“Love is love is love is love” {Lin-Manuel Miranda}

If you give love, you will receive love. Surround yourself with women who only want the best for you, who are ambitious and who push you to be the best that you can be. Take time to let your friends know that you love them. It’ll make you happy to send love and also to receive it!

Sisterhood is necessary to live, love and learn. What are you doing to create and grow your community of loving sisters?