Message From Thais Sky, one of 'The Amplified Woman' leaders:


After being an entrepreneur for several years, I craved to be in a community of sisters who not only supported me in the business, but gave me a safe space to be held outside of entrepreneurialism. I wanted an "all in" experience where I got to build my dream life, being fiercely supported along the way. That is why I am so madly in love with this program. Bri and I put together everything we wished we had into a unique six month experience that will ground you fully into your life as you expand in unimaginable ways.


This Is The Time For Women's Leadership

We are all being called to rise into the next level of feminine leadership. One where we respect our body, our relationships, our spirituality in the process.

What we have found is that when you approach business from a holistic perspective, we cultivate the ability to ride the roller coaster of entrepreneurship without each bump debilitating us and taking us onto the journey of “not enoughness.”

By becoming more resilient, we enhance our capacity to not taking the results of our business so personally. Only then can use mistakes and challenges as feedback for taking us to the next level.

This is how we begin to operate in our lives in a more expansive state. And that can change everything.