Natalie Baack
{Curvy Confidence Coach}

I met Bri and Thais at one of their first monthly dinners and knew they were up to something special. As a life coach myself for women, specializing in body image and self-worth, I know it can be painfully hard to connect with other women without fear of comparison or judgement. The space they create in their events is very open and warm, and creates opportunity to build a community with other women that I wished I had when I worked 16 hours a day in the film industry. But also as a new coach, the connections I've made haven't been about getting clients (although that's been a happy by-product), through their own network I've made friends, received amazing tools and connected with mentors to support and amplify (see what I did there) my own growth in exponential ways. 

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Kala Maxym
{Music Taster}

As a newbie in LA, I was pretty much attending any and every event I could get my hands on! I attended a lot of events including some fun networking events but my first Amplify event really changed the way I thought about meeting people in a new city. Amplify's focus on the human aspect of interactions, while it seems completely obvious, is something we actually don't often focus on (especially if you've come from a high-speed city like New York!), and I realized that just "getting business" was not in fact what I really wanted out of a new acquaintance anyway. I wanted true connection. And that's what I got and continue to get through Amplify.

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Jill Laine

I’ve come to rely on Amplify as a community where I can go to get lifted up and inspired by the company of truly awesome, amazing women. Every time I go it’s a different experience, as the women, restaurant and subject matter change, so does the dynamic of the night (which always makes for a fun surprise!) Bri and Thais are excellent at leading us in discussion and I always leave as a more open and expansive version of myself. The Facebook group allows us to develop and deepen our relationships, as well as celebrate our accomplishments, seek feedback or encouragement.

 I’m truly excited to see how Amplify develops, and what lies in store for our community in 2016!

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Gwen Lane
{Blogger & Influencer}

I joined the Coterie because I’ve always been looking to find likeminded women + entrepreneurs to network with. I’ve been to other networking events in LA but I didn’t like vibe or the energy. They were really competitive and not supportive. I went to my first event and I absolutely loved it. I met four women there who I continually speak to on a regular basis and we have dates to hang out. I feel like they really get what it’s like to work really long hours and still have work/life balance. I think other women should join the Coterie because you’ll really find a great environment to talk about what you’re passionate about and it’s more uplifting than anything that I’ve ever seen in LA.

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Jen Kramer

I was actively seeking a new way to meet quality women in Los Angeles and a friend recommended Amplify. I signed up for the Coterie the night of my first dinner and haven’t looked back. This group has literally changed my life! Bri and Thais are so warm and fun and their un-networking leadership skills are second-to-none. At every event, they create a safe environment for strong, amazing women to be real, open up and truly connect. Through the Collective I have met incredible friends and explored topics I wouldn’t normally think about but that make all the difference in the world and in my life. The connection on Facebook is equally as powerful and seeing women in person that I’ve connected with on social media is always super exciting. I can’t say enough good things about this group!

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Miriam Popp
{Serenity Coach}

I met with another member yesterday and we joined a month ago. We both agreed that we’ve gotten our money’s worth a million times over already. I can’t wait to see what else I get from this group in the next year. It’s been amazing and I love it!

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Michelle Lewis
{Visibility Expert}

Even though I’m from LA, I live in LA, it’s really hard to find a bunch of girls who are like-minded, who are kind, who are filled with purpose, and want to spend their time together. I find relationships here to be very fractured, very distant, very surface-level . . . so, to see a group of inspired women that have amazing leaders that want to get together, that want to go deep, that want to support each other in their passions and their mission is exactly where I want to be!

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Libby Crow
{Eating Psychologist}

"When I first heard about AMPLIFY I signed up immediately. Although being a business owner has it's glamorous moments, often I'm on Entrepreneur Island: Population 1. I knew that being surrounding by intentional, brilliant, and FUN women would bring more joy into my life. AMPLIFIERS are not only women on a mission to sprinkle love all over this planet, they are those people that you know would pick you up if you got a flat tire or go to that weird new dance class with you. I love AMPLIFY because it's more than dinner and drinks, it's good people, amazing conversation, and beautiful connections that last far beyond paying the tab."

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Kerry Miller
{Blogger & PR}

Amplify is something that I look forward to every month. It has given me confidence to do what I love, to try new things, to put myself out there, that it is okay to be vulnerable and I have made long lost friends. Amplify is un networking at its finest, it's about going deeper, which I didn't know I needed to until I started going to Amplify. It is an amazing feeling to know I have a group of women I can call for anything. We are always there for each other at Amplify. Love this group because it is women supporting women and being open and honest with one another. Amplify is amazing and it will be something I will take with me forever and be thankful for.

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Kim O'Hara
{Recovery Coach}

"It was so refreshing to spend a evening with such brilliant unique women talking about the theme of Creation. And not rushing into tons of other topics, but staying in where it took us organically. It was so relaxing so seriously girls, you have nailed the no-networking kind of sort of networking thing."

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Natalie Vartanian
{Love Expert}

"This was the loveliest, most intimate experience. I didn't even FEEL like we were "networking". Usually that word has me wanting to run for the hills, but I had met Thais and Bri before and they are such warm and lovely women. So I knew that anything they created would have a similar feel. My experience at the dinner party was that and more. I met some awesome, real, lovely ladies, and a potential future client as well! I loved the structure during the dinner party as there was space for both free flow interaction and also a guided portion that had everyone engage and feel included and welcome!"

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Carrie Jain
{Grief Recovery Specialist}

"Amplify is a casual, inspiring meeting of like-minded passionate women where enlightening ideas are exchanged, genuine connections are made, and a strong sense of community is easily built. Amplify has allowed me to connect with like-minded women who are truly making a difference in the world and it takes the scare factor and fakeness factor out of 'traditional' networking."


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Katie Bressack
{Holistic Health Coach}

Amplify is a great way to connect with women who all share the same passion to connect and inspire each other. I'm already looking forward to the next gathering. Bri and Thaís know how to lead a gathering and I left feeling excited and connected.

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