a community of women who are taking a stand for a new kind of connection

The coterie


You want something more out of life. So, you seek new opportunities . . . Pursue greater challenges . . . Explore and grow and learn constantly. 

But you’re sick of doing it alone.

You want to feel connected, supported, challenged, and encouraged—both online and off—but you have no idea where to start. And understandably so. The path you’re on can be competitive. Uncertain. Isolating.

We get it. We get you.

Because we’ve been there. And we know that it’s all too easy to give up—on your dreams, on yourself, on the deeply-connected relationships you seek—when it seems like that sort of community doesn’t exist. But you don’t have to. Because you—you are our people. You are the very definition of an Amplify woman.

And The Coterie was built specifically to support you:

The woman who is invested in her growth in every area of her life. The woman who values deep authenticity over superficial connection. The woman who craves sisterhood, but hasn’t yet been able to find it or sustain it.


We created a community through The Amplify Collective, but quickly heard that our women were asking for more—exclusive, intimate events; regular, deep coaching; relevant masterclasses and podcast episodes; the support of women who deeply value sisterhood, connection, and growth; and so much more!


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A Word of Praise from an Amplify Attendee


When I first heard about AMPLIFY I signed up immediately. Although being a business owner has it's glamorous moments, often I'm on Entrepreneur Island: Population 1. I knew that being surrounding by intentional, brilliant, and FUN women would bring more joy into my life. AMPLIFIERS are not only women on a mission to sprinkle love all over this planet, they are those people that you know would pick you up if you got a flat tire or go to that weird new dance class with you. I love AMPLIFY because it's more than dinner and drinks, it's good people, amazing conversation, and beautiful connections that last far beyond paying the tab.

-Libby Crow {Eating Psychologist}




Based on the small gatherings of powerful, revolutionary women in France, The Coterie is our inner circle of women invested in their growth, their success, and the support of women who feel the same. It is a deeply intimate experience for women in Los Angeles who want to amplify their lives—and the lives of the women around them—through connection, collaboration, and community.


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Here's exactly what you get as a member of the coterie:



Exclusive members-only events (think DIY spa nights & astrology parties!)


Reduced ticket prices & priority guest list access to The Amplify Co. events


Monthly Masterclasses with founders Bri Seeley and Thaís Sky on relevant topics related to life and business


Discounted coaching offers with Bri and Thaís


Fabulous gifts from our brand partners


And countless other surprise goodies!


All for a small fraction of the cost of your daily coffee (or ahem, glass of wine)!

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“The Coterie are the kindest, most generous and inspiring women I have ever met.”


Before joining Amplify, I saw all the ways women were held back by the world and the way that we, to an extent, have held back each other. [But] the women that Amplify has brought together in [The Coterie] are the kindest, most generous and inspiring women I have ever met. They have healed my heart, my relationship with other women and how I identify as a woman. I'm proud to be a woman now and see how strong we are -- and how much stronger we get when we come together in sisterhood.

-Ashley Allen {Digital Marketing Strategist}


That's just the beginning though!

As Members of the Coterie, Women have:


discussions on everything from making more money to new podcasts to the issues that we, as women + humans, face everyday.


on business projects and have utilized each other's professional services.


one another's workshops, happy hours, panels, workouts, and more.


...and been bolstered by a sisterhood that supports their expansion and success. 
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A Word from our Coterie Members


Now You get to Decide

You can continue doing what you’re doing: living and working in isolation and competition. You can continue to support yourself in solitude, pouring unnecessary time, energy, and money into your work, your relationships, and yourself. And you can continue to feel like there’s always something more that’s just out of your reach.

Or you can invest in yourself—and positively amplify EVERY area of your life—by joining a community of women that wants to see you, wants to support you, wants to contribute to your success! It’s time to make a choice, love. We hope you choose YOU.


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